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A bumper sits on the sidewalk void of car. To me it looks like a sculpture– The inefficacy of our perceived safeties, failed attempts at scaffolding, The veil thin between ourselves and chaos.


Sometimes the world seems steeped in indifference TepidA bitter brew. Other times it seems in difference At oddsCompartmentalized Everything needs a qualifier. Is it indifference? Or in deference– Screen idolatryFeast and Famine Everything exists in a vacuum.


Rule 1 is you can’t think while weilding the sharpie. Words slip,become loose things. Squigglesof lines without design You must be the void. Let muscle memory take over–Is this what it means to be human?

Fun House

We hold up mirrors in the Great Echo Chamber. Accept affirmations Like we didn’t ask for them– Scalable likability. Voices so loud we forgot how to listen. Hard and fast lines That strip all of nuance,  Context.  False humility is God here. Here–  Where we cast projections of self like  Sacrificial lambs Before a social […]

Big Dream

I walk into the store and lock the door behind me. Feel the staleness of the air. The creak of the floorboards–some even moan as if in protest at my step. I flip on the lights. Key in pre-ordered transactions. Plug in the iron. I had the boxes shipped to my house, not the store. […]

Neon Signs

I see the distorted white of my legs underwater against the porcelain white of the tub. My legs stretched the full length of the bottom. Pink toes like a neon sign and John Prine playing from my phone ‘cause he died today. Coronavirus. And his songs always stir up memories in me and I feel […]

Continuing Education

I’m slowly exploring the Gentle walls of my tenderness. How deep that well goes. Observe myself getting found in thoughts of you. Edges I once thought hard Have softened and curved, no right Angles and I’m happy With the trigonometry. The learning of new maths. The discovery. In my fullness I am light. Effervescent. Unstoppable, […]

Kindred Spirits

I saw the crust of a bread Laid bare On curb’s edge Soaking up the morning’s Dew. It made an ineffectual sponge. Or was it just the crusted helmet? And if I picked it up And curled my fist And rapped on it, thonk Thonk thonk, It would sound a hollow greeting. *painting: “Bread and […]

Walking with Care

I stomp like an elephant Over leaves Precarious ground Hidden things I’ll knock them In the open Make my feet feel  Ground **artwork: Remnants of Fall by Daniel Blignaut

Process Makes Perfect

Thinking of process I pace. I look at things only though reflections.       Mirror.                       Shadow & light.                          Glass. I stare really hard at the floor and think about how I forgot […]