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A bumper sits on the sidewalk void of car. To me it looks like a sculpture– The inefficacy of our perceived safeties, failed attempts at scaffolding, The veil thin between ourselves and chaos.


Sometimes the world seems steeped in indifference TepidA bitter brew. Other times it seems in difference At oddsCompartmentalized Everything needs a qualifier. Is it indifference? Or in deference– Screen idolatryFeast and Famine Everything exists in a vacuum.


Rule 1 is you can’t think while weilding the sharpie. Words slip,become loose things. Squigglesof lines without design You must be the void. Let muscle memory take over–Is this what it means to be human?

Copy & Paste

I tire of the virtue signaling. Altruism camera deepThin as any skin, Caught in the act of caring.

Tender Green

The Paperwhites begin to bloomduring the coldest month. Against all odds–More rain in the forecast. We need it. And the fresh things that growfrom thirst. It is the time of year when I becomefamiliar with the creakof floorboards. Pacing. Time to kill. The odd customernot really looking, Which means no finding. I fill space like […]

Fun House

We hold up mirrors in the Great Echo Chamber. Accept affirmations Like we didn’t ask for them– Scalable likability. Voices so loud we forgot how to listen. Hard and fast lines That strip all of nuance,  Context.  False humility is God here. Here–  Where we cast projections of self like  Sacrificial lambs Before a social […]

Big Dream

I walk into the store and lock the door behind me. Feel the staleness of the air. The creak of the floorboards–some even moan as if in protest at my step. I flip on the lights. Key in pre-ordered transactions. Plug in the iron. I had the boxes shipped to my house, not the store. […]

Neon Signs

I see the distorted white of my legs underwater against the porcelain white of the tub. My legs stretched the full length of the bottom. Pink toes like a neon sign and John Prine playing from my phone ‘cause he died today. Coronavirus. And his songs always stir up memories in me and I feel […]

Self-Isolating in Three Parts

I. I’m looking at my life from new rectangles. Boxed window frames. Cataloguing the light at each hour–how it falls. The growth of the fig from this vantage versus the window from the right and the left. I looted my own store: handsoap pump, disinfectant, inventory to sell online, paper for the labels. An archeologist […]

Nature Morte

I’m removing the wooly gauze from my eyelids with tweezer-precision to witness the messy abundance of spring. Too early. But the trees budding can’t be denied. The violet carpeted yards are on display in joyous profusion. I think about things dead and gone in winter. Can’t help but still feel the raw tingling from feelings […]