Chicken Little’s prophesy is coming true: “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” This is not sensationalism. This is not media hysteria. This is not a drill. This is not the boy who cried wolf. This is surrealism as reality. This is dream in waking life. I thought I saw a lady floating to […]

I’m sitting in a cafe after a long day of retail, drinking a beer and reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me, pouring over passages that ring truth in me despite my experience as a Caucasian female in her early thirties. The passages I read bring me to tears. My reading is disrupted by […]

Come down            Come down From your high horse           And lay beside me Together we’ll map           Constellations From individual blades            Of grass and wonder at the kosmos What do they say?           […]

I think about the sound of dry leaves rasping on concrete. By very virtue of once being alive, they turn color, drop with the cold, the batterings of rain. They scuttle across pavement with the breeze, with the kicking of feet, finally laying to rest in a pile at curb’s edge. Partitions of land where […]

We need to be better communicators. We are lost in translation despite a common language we all speak, but with different vocabularies. We parse words. Undo meanings. Recreate them. To communicate better? No. I don’t think so. But to browbeat people with words that only have the meaning a movement has come to attach to […]

We drove through evergreens That held the promise of Sunday, Shady chapels with a channel of light Car pointed in direction, North, and we left every other day in the dust. It’s the rose part of day. Dusty pink. Warm filter. Photographer’s wet dream. And we laid our tent  Out on a bed of pine […]

Parched land unfolds before me. Patchwork of asphalt and tar. Dirty white lines. Tire smudges like failed eraser marks. This is California. The Golden State. Post-apocalyptic thirsty earth opening it’s maw to expanses of blue that muddy at the edges. “Congress Created Dust Bowl” “Stop Politicians Created Water Crisis” “No Water = No Jobs”