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Walking with Care

I stomp like an elephant Over leaves Precarious ground Hidden things I’ll knock them In the open Make my feet feel  Ground **artwork: Remnants of Fall by Daniel Blignaut Advertisements

Process Makes Perfect

Thinking of process I pace. I look at things only though reflections.       Mirror.                       Shadow & light.                          Glass. I stare really hard at the floor and think about how I forgot […]


I press my ear close to empty space And hear The chipping and falling Of bark from giants. I think of squirrels  As I walk,  Of protective head gear.  I watch them skitter across Telephone lines, frantic, And think of calling my parents. Debris falls from above. I see evidence Of street sweepers In striations […]

Routine Maintenance 

Little windswept Beauties. The cyclamen Remind me of Isadora Duncan. Scarf blowing, Top down. Gertrude Stein said, “Affectations can be dangerous.” I think about this As I lop the heads of Dying buds. **artwork by Pierre-Joseph Redoute

With Care

Today a certain kind of Lookingaftering is required. See?  In the plant Soil beneath nails, In the refilling Of the watering can, How the water slips Through cracks In hardwood. What heads do they Fall on in basements below? **artwork BY Kiyoshi Saito

Idle Thoughts

I pace As floorboards creak. They protest My idle movements.   I adjust. I organize. I dust.   The sun Sends out scouts That reach, reach, reach Through windows.   Shadows lengthen And, If I’m lucky, The light will fall In just the right way To make rainbows on walls.       *painting: Dutch […]

Soft Touch

I pulled the outer atrophied Petals from the flower that I had just removed From the vase.   I pulled from the base, Where flower buds From stem.   I pulled like I was unwrapping A small, perfect Present.   Carefully.   The work felt soft Like velvet in my hands.