morning writes with coffee


We need to be better communicators.

We are lost in translation despite a common language we all speak, but with different vocabularies. We parse words. Undo meanings. Recreate them. To communicate better? No. I don’t think so. But to browbeat people with words that only have the meaning a movement has come to attach to them. Words used to communicate to one another in an insular environment don’t carry the same meaning outside of that space. It is easier to call someone ignorant than to actually communicate with them. I, too, am guilty of this.

But there is hope. When travelling other places, when out of our comfort zone, we find ways to communicate. I had never used my hands so much in place of my mouth as when I went to India. I had never bent my ear so much to listen. Never looked so hard to pick up the subtle nuances of a body trying to break walls.

This tells me: We are capable of going the distance to understand and to be understood.


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