Time in Seconds (Bo-regard)


1d+30d+31d+30d+31d+31d+28d+31d+30d+31d+30d+31d+19d= 354d

August 30, 2014: 7h + August 20, 2015: 14h = 21h

354d x 24h= 8,496h

8,496h + 21h= 8,517h

1,440m (24h) x 354d= 509,760m  +1,260m (21 h)= 511,020m

511,020m x 60s= 30,661,200s


I have known you a total of 354 days, going on 355; 8,517 hours; 511,020 minutes; 30,661,200 seconds. I parse time in seconds because when I met you, time slowed, folded into itself, and became nothing and everything at once.


I remember your eyes, actually seeing me, taking in every moment of me that led up to me walking through that door, into your reality—every moment of you that led to this specific second in time. Still-frames still framed in my mind because when I met you, time stilled.


Before that moment I lumbered through the past like an elephant on eggshells. There was no place for future, just reruns, reiterations of patterns, the past on repeat.  30,661,200 seconds and I rejoice in the present, for the first time look toward the future.

You are the best continuing moment of my life.

*painting: The Fourteen Daggers– Kay Sage


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