An Existing Impossibilty


Sometimes I need to remember to step back and see things from afar– instead of the devil in the details, see the whole picture. I tend to forget to do this. So, here I am, binoculars facing the correct direction, and I see you.

And you see, you still astound me. I feel like a love note safely stuffed in an envelope and kept with care in your pocket. Knowing you is like standing at the center of a vast expanse,  unlike younger and more foolish selves tottering on the precipice of something dark and doomed, with you there are infinites in every direction.

When my friends said they wanted someone to treat them like a princess, or they were terrified of being alone, all I said I wanted was a relationship of mutual admiration and respect, someone who challenges me and values the autonomy of all living things. In my head it didn’t sound like a tall order, but in reality it seemed impossible. And here you are, an existing impossibility.


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