Possibilities and Tangibles



The night is young,
or so they say,
and all I want to do is be
with my thoughts.
We go out and
ourselves in music.
Eyes are glued to phones
and expectations are set
and my mind is a million miles away,
my phone a
separate entity
from myself,
I need no validation—
But I want to speak of
Doyle’s use of Goethe
in his tales of Sherlock Holmes;
these women speak of men
and scan the room—
my mind scans passages:
“One ought, every day at least,
to hear a little song,
read a good poem,
see a fine picture,
and, if it were possible,
to speak a few reasonable words.”
If only possibilities were tangibles…
They ask me about my love life
and my heart leans toward
the written word.
I drink my beer and retreat
into silence.
They look at their phones.
The noise and simultaneous silence
is deafening.
I walk home and leave them to
the meat market.
I soak these words
like spilled beer
onto page,
hoping for a few reasonable words.

 *Illustration by Salvador Dali

**Quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship 


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