Kids Playing God


“Will you grab a cloud for me?” she asked in a petulant voice.


“I suppose,” he murmured.


A nonchalance prevailed between the two figures laying in the grass. He casually reached up for a cloud and handed it to the girl. She grabbed for the cloud with a pouty look and did not bother saying thank you. She began to eat the cloud like cotton candy.


“You want the stars and the moon,” he said as an after-thought.


“And why shouldn’t I?” she was pulling cloud bits like lint from the space between her index finger and thumb.


“Maybe…” he began.


“Maybe what?” she asked, rather annoyed.


“Maybe it is just too much?” He asked meekly.


“Maybe,” she said defiantly and looked at the horizon, hard, between mouthfuls of cloud, “maybe.”



**Artwork by Joe Webb



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