Some Days


You are the most cat-like person I have ever met. Like me, you are a slave to your moods. Time passes in naps, meals, and flights of fancy. Some days you like me, want that intimacy; to be touched, the quiet casualness of my company. In those moments we curl up on the couch, intent on being two lonely entities softly petting each other; alone with our thoughts of new prey and tomorrows, but not alone.

Other days, darker moods prevail. The relentless and restless predator. You hole up days and fall victim to the night. I leave some food out for you and you don’t call. Then I too fall victim to the hot summer nights. Evenings like this I feel I can stretch my muscles for miles into twilight with no relief– stretching out into the dark and into more dog-like lovers arms. They show their affections with affable ease and adoration. But puppy love is not what I am after. I grow more restless.

And then I hole up, curl myself on the futon with only books to keep me company. Until the solitairizing of our lives just can’t suffice.

Another day; we like each other.

The couch is calling us to be petted.


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