We drove through evergreens That held the promise of Sunday, Shady chapels with a channel of light Car pointed in direction, North, and we left every other day in the dust. It’s the rose part of day. Dusty pink. Warm filter. Photographer’s wet dream. And we laid our tent  Out on a bed of pine […]

Parched land unfolds before me. Patchwork of asphalt and tar. Dirty white lines. Tire smudges like failed eraser marks. This is California. The Golden State. Post-apocalyptic thirsty earth opening it’s maw to expanses of blue that muddy at the edges. “Congress Created Dust Bowl” “Stop Politicians Created Water Crisis” “No Water = No Jobs”

Whoa! Whoa! Cool it with your swagger. Too much peacocking, Air dense with pretense, Holding breath. You, ruffling feathers, Fanning out. Come right up, folks! Men on display. *Art by Elisabeth Sonrel, “Le Paon Majeste”

6, July 2016 Mumbai: Arrived just before midnight on July 5th. We were shuffled into immigration lines, soulless with 24 hours of travel in our wake. If not for tourist E-visa we would have been herded into a meandering line that seemed unending. Instead, we were ushered into a line of 5 or 6 people. […]

When an orchid begins to wilt it loses, not a single petal at a time, but a whole blossom. It seems, to me, a proud symmetrical flower– it’s subtle nuances reflected in the sag and droop of each individual bloom.

In the rippling of an SUV-sized American flag, wavering over the half empty parking lots of decaying strip malls, you’ll find my home in Kentucky. A state where it doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to hear “I’m Proud to be an American” on the radio. Start driving out of Owensboro, away from […]

1. The rain was like a game of red light, green light. Stop and go. And we laughed at the abruptness of it. And then the clouds performed a magic trick and dissipated, ceased to exist. And out came the stars. We stood side by side under the eaves as fat droplets collected above us […]