In the rippling of an SUV-sized American flag, wavering over the half empty parking lots of decaying strip malls, you’ll find my home in Kentucky. A state where it doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to hear “I’m Proud to be an American” on the radio. Start driving out of Owensboro, away from […]

1. The rain was like a game of red light, green light. Stop and go. And we laughed at the abruptness of it. And then the clouds performed a magic trick and dissipated, ceased to exist. And out came the stars. We stood side by side under the eaves as fat droplets collected above us […]

I’ll not pretend to understand time, the subtle nuances of a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year. How a lifetime can span a minute and a revolution can span decades. My interest, here, is memory– a trigger, synapses firing– how my grandfather’s death can birth my childhood in […]

Last night I dreamed my back bicycle tire was stolen. Two things: Was this representative of negligence on my part? Leaving things unattended– Or was this my heart? A thief in the night, impeder of cylindrical motion, rendering movement impossible, clipper of my own wings. –Bird on a Bicycle woodblock print, Ben Smith

Each time I see two towels in the bathroom I think to myself, But, you’re supposed to go it alone. You’ve always gone it alone. And the two towels stare back at me, unwavering in their symbolism of a life shared. And I feel his hand, never aging, unbuttoning the fly of my jeans as […]

I have read the color blue was not distinguished until modern times; some speculate that it could not be seen. Differentiation such as light and dark, black and white, seem prevalent in early language. Then, later, reds and golds. But never blue. Perhaps this is why people feel the blues? It is a lonely life, […]

1d+30d+31d+30d+31d+31d+28d+31d+30d+31d+30d+31d+19d= 354d August 30, 2014: 7h + August 20, 2015: 14h = 21h 354d x 24h= 8,496h 8,496h + 21h= 8,517h 1,440m (24h) x 354d= 509,760m  +1,260m (21 h)= 511,020m 511,020m x 60s= 30,661,200s   I have known you a total of 354 days, going on 355; 8,517 hours; 511,020 minutes; 30,661,200 seconds. I parse […]


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