My mom used to call any shitty town we drove through or visited the armpit of America. We would travel one place to the next in increments of armpits; sometimes not even a tickle, sometimes just a brush of the finger, not even stopping the car. It made me wonder where the rest of the […]

There were squiggly pink chalk lines pointing the direction from which I was coming marking up the sidewalk. What were they pointing to? What path did I stumble upon and completely miss the point? It’s mock spring. Still in the winter months. Blue skies, high: mid-seventies. Girls in short-shorts and the trees that smell like […]

I saw the crust of a bread Laid bare On curb’s edge Soaking up the morning’s Dew. It made an ineffectual sponge. Or was it just the crusted helmet? And if I picked it up And curled my fist And rapped on it, thonk Thonk thonk, It would sound a hollow greeting. *painting: “Bread and […]

I stomp like an elephant Over leaves Precarious ground Hidden things I’ll knock them In the open Make my feet feel  Ground **artwork: Remnants of Fall by Daniel Blignaut

Thinking of process I pace. I look at things only though reflections.       Mirror.                       Shadow & light.                          Glass. I stare really hard at the floor and think about how I forgot […]

I press my ear close to empty space And hear The chipping and falling Of bark from giants. I think of squirrels  As I walk,  Of protective head gear.  I watch them skitter across Telephone lines, frantic, And think of calling my parents. Debris falls from above. I see evidence Of street sweepers In striations […]

Little windswept Beauties. The cyclamen Remind me of Isadora Duncan. Scarf blowing, Top down. Gertrude Stein said, “Affectations can be dangerous.” I think about this As I lop the heads of Dying buds. **artwork by Pierre-Joseph Redoute