Each time I see two towels in the bathroom I think to myself, But, you’re supposed to go it alone. You’ve always gone it alone. And the two towels stare back at me, unwavering in their symbolism of a life shared. And I feel his hand, never aging, unbuttoning the fly of my jeans as […]

I have read the color blue was not distinguished until modern times; some speculate that it could not be seen. Differentiation such as light and dark, black and white, seem prevalent in early language. Then, later, reds and golds. But never blue. Perhaps this is why people feel the blues? It is a lonely life, […]

1d+30d+31d+30d+31d+31d+28d+31d+30d+31d+30d+31d+19d= 354d August 30, 2014: 7h + August 20, 2015: 14h = 21h 354d x 24h= 8,496h 8,496h + 21h= 8,517h 1,440m (24h) x 354d= 509,760m  +1,260m (21 h)= 511,020m 511,020m x 60s= 30,661,200s   I have known you a total of 354 days, going on 355; 8,517 hours; 511,020 minutes; 30,661,200 seconds. I parse […]

She went to click the pen and it shot out of the casing, leaving the page empty and ink on her hands. Missed the mark again. Damn. 15,000 acres of California burned like parchment, dry and brittle. The sky looked of rain. The air felt of rain. And they say, “If it looks and quacks […]

The birds were delicate, their necks breaking in infinite upward propulsion toward the sun. In the quietude of a morning my mind is a weed; a plant in the wrong place, invasive and aggressive.  I’ve been thinking about my uncle. How delicately that quilt was stitched together, embroidered by unskilled hands, born of love and […]

My first memories of my aunt Connie are from photographs. Memories kept in a box, dusted with time and without visceral feeling, just thoughts evoked from image and synapses firing. I am told by my mother I adored her. But in being, in the flesh, all the youth of me remembers is an empty husk– […]

Like some kind of mechanical bird I awoke with the sun Yawning into existence. What thoughts have I of the future? My heart made ambling jumps From the tree stump in the front yard To the rusted wheelbarrow Oxodized in industry And empty. Turning my head from side to side Seeing only in peripheries I […]


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