Like some kind of mechanical bird I awoke with the sun Yawning into existence. What thoughts have I of the future? My heart made ambling jumps From the tree stump in the front yard To the rusted wheelbarrow Oxodized in industry And empty. Turning my head from side to side Seeing only in peripheries I […]

I’ve been shooting arrows at the moon again, Missing. Arrows, slowly arcing infinitely into the dark. Telephone rings. Heart stops. Cancer. I wish the world would pause. And one week after the call, it did– Transformers out, No business, Cell towers down, No merchant copies, No customers. I stared at my blank television, Powerless. Telephone […]

“Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and our own.” And yesterday poncho-clad students threw sombreros in the air, tequila down their throats, celebrating a day off from “arduous study.” Articles read: “Boycott Driscrolls Berries”– poor working conditions, lawless labor laws; we need more Chavez […]

There is a quietness.This is what I want to speak of. The approximate 80%. The 100% you are alone in your skin and the approximate 80% you are alone in your thoughts. When you hear the screams of laughter from children over the fence, see the reflective red rear light of a bicyclist as he […]

After they cut the tree down everything began taking on the sound of a chainsaw. She went to work and the old vacuum had mysteriously been replaced with a model that sounded of trees about to be felled. She asked her boyfriend if the blender worked and plugged it in– it whined like a mighty […]

I hear the woodpecker sounding hollow on a tree and feel it, too, rapping on my heart. The sun cas       cad              ing on my limbs like they are leaves of grass and I feel green with want of wind gently rustling me, little shivers, vibrating the core, gently,          gently. My eyes, like […]

I had a dream that someone threw away a bird’s nest and I could feel it’s presence beneath the trash. With gentle and humble hands I pulled away the broken egg shells, the paper towels, the endless and impotent packaging, until I found the delicate binding of twigs and repurposed foliage and reached to extricate […]


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