It was a city of strip malls and strip mining. The landscape, lazy rolling hills and flat stretches of corn, tobacco, soy beans. Identical brick houses with white columns and decorative shutters dotted the scene every mile or so. Closer to town the houses stood in stifling order,  lined up like an image in a […]


There were two mailmen who delivered to the shop. A coin toss. Friendly and unfriendly. The friendly one had a long blonde ponytail. You could tell how he set the mail on the counter he took pride in his work. I wondered if he counted his steps between businesses, thought of his breathing in a […]

beth hoeckel

There was a complacent sense of agency in doing the dishes by hand. One had only to turn the tap to a reasonable temperature, reach for the soap and a sponge and exist in the moment. Doing the dishes, much like doing the ironing, allowed one to see (unlike so many things in life) the […]


    Sometimes I require the gentle quietude of an evening. A moment of solace. A poem. Sometimes I require the soft pulling of blades of a ceiling fan Draping me in the midnight silk of night, Away from the chaotic pulling of others thoughts, Fleeting, Fickle, Feckless.     *Painting: “Luna” — Sir Edward […]


“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”   I’ve heard this saying countless times in my 28 years of life. It is commonly paraphrased as such, and has been in use since the late 1600s when William Congreve wrote the words, “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury […]


    The night is young, or so they say, and all I want to do is be alone with my thoughts. We go out and drown ourselves in music. Eyes are glued to phones and expectations are set and my mind is a million miles away, my phone a separate entity from myself, I […]

She put her contacts in her eyes, a minuscule part of her daily routine, and thought about filters. It was daunting to think of every set of eyes in the world—how we all have different filters and vantage points through which we see the world. The “#nofilter” killed her—was the person in the photo not […]


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